No candidate received a majority within the first round of the election with the incumbent President Kocharyan successful slightly below 50% of the vote. Therefore, a second spherical was held and Kocharyan defeated Stepan Demirchyan with official results showed him profitable simply over 67% of the vote. In each rounds, electoral observers from the OSCE reported vital amounts of electoral fraud by Demirchyan’s supporters and quite a few supporters of Demirchyan had been arrested before the second round happened. During his presidency, several opposition leaders within the Armenian Parliament and the Prime Minister of Armenia have been killed by gunmen in an episode known as the 1999 Armenian parliament shooting.

They have their own church, the Armenian Apostolic Church, which was founded in the first CE and became in 301 CE the primary branch of Christianity to be adopted as a state faith. They have also their own alphabet and language, which is classed as an impartial department of the Indo-European language household. The Armenian language is a subject of curiosity and debate amongst linguists for its distinctive phonological developments inside Indo-European languages and for its affinity to Balkan languages corresponding to Greek and Albanian.

There are two possible explanations, not mutually exclusive, for a common origin of the Armenian and Greek languages. ) is attested from about the identical time, perhaps the earliest reference being a fraction attributed to Hecataeus of Miletus (476 BC).

However, what all these attestations check with can’t be decided with certainty, and the earliest sure attestation of the identify “Armenia” comes from the Behistun Inscription (c. 500 BCE). Between the 16th and nineteenth centuries, the standard Armenian homeland composed of Eastern Armenia and Western Armenia got here under the rule of the Ottoman and Iranian empires, repeatedly ruled by both of the 2 over the centuries.

Music and voice

The annual Cher’s Family Retreat is held every June to provide craniofacial patients, their siblings and parents a possibility to interact with others who have endured similar experiences. She supports and promotes Get A-Head Charitable Trust, which aims to improve the quality of life for people with head and neck diseases. Time journal’s Cady Lang described Cher as a “cultural phenomenon [who] has endlessly modified the way in which we see superstar style.” Cher emerged as a fashion trendsetter in the Sixties, popularizing “hippie fashion with bell-bottoms, bandanas, and Cherokee-inspired tunics”. She began working as a model in 1967 for photographer Richard Avedon after then-Vogue magazine editor Diana Vreeland found her at a party for Jacqueline Kennedy that year.

Cinnamon is heavily used as spice for desserts like apricot compote and kurabiye (a sort of cookie). One porridge prepared from cereals and wild herbs is known as kerchik. (The identical title is used by Kurds and Yazidi.) Armenians often eat kerchik with pickled cabbage, whereas Yazidi eat it with knotgrass (Polygonum aviculare). The Eastern Anatolia area, where many Armenians lived prior to the Armenian genocide, has an immensely rich plant biodiversity with over three,000 vascular plant taxa—of these virtually 800 are endemic species.

Modern history

Khorovats, an Armenian-styled barbecue, is arguably the favorite Armenian dish. Lavash is a extremely popular Armenian flat bread, and Armenian paklava is a popular dessert made from filo dough. Other well-known Armenian foods embody the kabob (a skewer of marinated roasted meat and vegetables), various dolmas (minced lamb, or beef meat and rice wrapped in grape leaves, cabbage leaves, or stuffed into hollowed greens), and pilaf, a rice dish.

Most notable mtDNA haplogroups among the many Armenian samples are H, U, T, J, K and X while the remainder of remaining Mtdna of the Armenians are HV, I, X, W, R0 and N. During Soviet rule, Armenian athletes rose to prominence profitable plenty of medals and serving to the USSR win the medal standings on the Olympics on numerous events.

Russian Armenia

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In May 1998, she received the GLAAD Vanguard Award for having “made a significant distinction in selling equal rights for lesbians and homosexual men”. On June 11, 2009, Chaz got here out as a transgender man, and his transition from feminine to male was legally finalized on May 6, 2010. Beginning in 1990, Cher served as a donor and as the National Chairperson and Honorary Spokesperson for the Children’s Craniofacial Association, whose mission is to “empower and provides hope to facially disfigured youngsters and their families”.

Armenian views

The Arordineri Ukht is even supported by the ruling Republican Party of Armenia, which in turn bases its ideology on tseghakron (native faith) and on the Hetan sacred e-book Ukhtagirk. “Fire and sword” rituals of the Hetan tradition are sometimes organized on the positioning of Apostolic church buildings and patronized by Apostolic monks.

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There is evidence of Neolithic, Chalcolithic, and Bronze Age cultures in lands traditionally and presently inhabited by Armenian folks, courting to about 4000 BC. Archaeological surveys in 2010 and 2011 on the Areni-1 cave complex have resulted in the discovery of the world’s earliest identified leather-based shoe, skirt, and wine-producing facility. Herodotus also lists the ethnic groups within the Persian army, and claims that Armenians are settlers from Phrygia. However, this is an etiological tag added by the ethnographer liable armenian girls for the list who felt an obligation to explain the place each of the ethnic groups came from – the ancient Armenians themselves seem to have no information of their ancestors’ migration from Phrygia. According to a examine printed in 2015, by which a genome-extensive variation in 173 Armenians was analyzed and in comparison with 78 other worldwide populations, Armenians kind a definite genetic cluster linking the Near East, Europe, and the Caucasus.