Leicester City bets that are 5,000-1 Longest Outsider Odds in Soccer History

Leicester City’s shock dominance of the English Premier League in the UK this season could cause one of longest shots that are betting sporting history coming good. ‘ The Foxes’ are living the dream at the top of the league, five points clear with eight games left, as the global world looks on in disbelief.

Leicester City fans in great britain celebrate their team’s Premier League title hopes, which will be the biggest outside bet in the history of soccer.

Now the number of bettors whom backed them in the beginning associated with season at 5,000-1 could quickly make history that is betting. Since the BBC pointed out recently, these are exactly the same odds you could log on to Elvis arriving alive this 12 months, possibly wearing a frock. That’s a dress to those of us over the pond.

Let’s add further perspective for those of you do not follow the EPL. Last year, Leicester, newly promoted to the EPL after ten years within the lower tier, were struggling against soccer’s multi-million-dollar superstars. Battling relegation, they seemed destined for the drop.

A late run of victories ensured survival, but many expected them to get this year down. Except instead they shot out of the blocks at the start of season and never ever once looked back.

The combined expense of Leicester’s typical beginning 11 is about $30 million, which is less than half of the amount Manchester City paid for one player into the pre-season transfer screen. Kevin de Bruyne cost over $76 million when he joined up with City from Wolfsburg.

By contrast, Leicester star player Riyad Mahrez cost the club $796,900, and goal that is meanwhile top, Jamie Vardy, whom three years ago was playing amateur non-league soccer, had been acquired for $1.3 million.

The Long Shots

okay, so it has not occurred yet, but if it does, as outsider bets go, it really is the greatest in the history of soccer, by far.

The longest odds for bets on a single soccer result that we can find were both 500-1, and were paid out whenever USA beat England 1-0, in 1951, and Hungary beat England 6-3 in 1953. A lengthy, long time ago, put another way.

Since then, of course, bookmakers have actually learned a thing or two concerning the variance taking part in the outcome of a game that is single. But if you look at odds-defying outsider victories in recent activities more than a show of games, they aren’t also shut to 5,000-1.

In soccer, there was Greece Euro that is winning 2004150-1); in tennis, Goran Ivanisevic winning Wimbledon in 2001 (150-1); in golf Ben Curtis’ Open Championship win in 2003 (500-1).

In fact, the thing that is only provided the bookies bigger sweats was jockey Frankie Dettori’s seven straight victories during the Ascot competition meet in 1996 at probability of 25,095-1. It had been a series of events so extraordinary that one bookmaker described it as ‘Armageddon,’ and it’s considered to have cost the bookmaking industry a gut-wrenching $45 million.

Cash Out Now or Wait for Crazy Payout?

The fact is, the bookmakers will not be Leicester that is sweating too at all. That’s because any big payouts they have to make in case of a Leicester win will tend to be handsomely offset by hundreds of 1000s of losing bets in the favorites.

The sweat belongs totally to your team’s fans, and to gamblers whom for some insane reason decided to back the team the period.

This final group is also faced with the conundrum of whether to cash away now for the hefty sum or ride it out for the a whole lot larger one, should it come through.

Alex Donohue of UK bookmaker Ladbrokes told the BBC that you will find 23 gamblers that are yet to cash away.

‘Around half of the 5000-1 backers have cashed within their potato chips, although the rest hold their nerve,’ he said. ‘Record sums have been compensated down for a bet yet to be described as a winner and for many fans the lure of a life-changing sum of cash is simply too much with several games that are difficult to go,’ said Donohue.

Of course, a great deal can take place between now as well as the end of the season, including injuries, exhaustion, and nervous meltdowns, nevertheless they happen saying this about Leicester for months now, and they’re still there, sitting pretty at the most effective, and today the bookies’ favorite to win the league.

And that knows? If they do, maybe Elvis will arrive for the celebrations. Stranger things have not yet happened.

US Navy Warned Of March Madness Betting Pools

US Navy personnel have been warned that ‘office March Madness pools’ could result in disciplinary action. (Image: foundationofpatriotism.org)

It is March Madness time again, but, as the 2016 NCAA Basketball Tournament promises to captivate sports fans on the next weeks that are few US Navy workers have been warned to refrain from any form madness during the course of the tournament. Marching, nonetheless, will be allowed and perhaps also encouraged.

March Madness is traditionally a period whenever office employees gets together for a good old-fashioned pool that is pay-to-play where team names are drawn at random, and the nerdy admin assistant, sexy data input technician, or sweaty mid-level supervisor whom drew the winning team extends to keep the loot.

This is legal in some states and not other people, although all most turn an eye that is blind a pursuit that is usually regarded as harmless fun.

Disciplinary Action

But military lawyers have emphasized that when it comes to the usa Navy the business of gambling pools on government property is a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and those involved will face disciplinary action. This also applies to personnel stationed on ships in international waters where they are no gambling laws, they have said.

‘As service members, our company is prohibited from participating in most gambling tasks, which may incorporate a March Madness office pool,’ penned Lt. Kathy Paradis, a part regarding the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, providing guidance in a Navy blog this week.

‘ So now you’re probably thinking, ‘But we constantly do March Madness brackets at your workplace!’ As long as it doesn’t violate your office policy on the application of government computers, filling away a March Madness bracket and after along to see who wins is not a problem on unique.’

Those who choose to do so could potentially be charged with several violations, including: conduct unbecoming of an officer, disobeying a lawful general order, and fraternization while no member of the US military has ever been penalized for engaging in office-pool gambling. These are offenses punishable by dismissal and a maximum two years’ confinement.

Wider Issue

And while office swimming pools may be relatively benign, there’s a cause for wider concern about problem gambling among military workers in general. Studies have consistently discovered that members of the armed forces are at a greater risk of pathological gambling than the population that is general.

The National Council on Problem Gambling found that around 36,000 active-duty members of the meet that is military for a gambling issue.

Meanwhile, the Department of Defense operates some 3,000 slot devices at US military bases across the world which rake in estimated annual revenues of $100 million per year, but none of that money would go to supporting soldiers with gambling issues.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) recently demanded that the Governmental Accountability Office initiate study into the problem.

FIFA Admits to World Cup Bribes, Still Demands ‘Tens of Millions’ From US geisha free pokie game Authorities

Brand New FIFA boss Gianni Infantino claims that the world soccer governing body is a ‘victimized organization.’ (Image: dailyguideafrica.com

You have actually to appreciate FIFA’s chutzpah. The soccer world body that is governing this week that past World Cups were awarded to their host nations maybe not on merit, but regarding the degree to which its officials’ pockets had been lined with bribes and kickbacks.

But within the same breathing, it demanded millions of dollars in ‘restitution’ from the $190 million seized by US authorities from corrupt FIFA officials.

FIFA claims it is often a ‘victimized institution,’ in accordance with its new president, Gianni Infantino. That’s why it’s seeking the restoration of $28.2 million in payments it built to its own officials who have been indicted by the United States for corruption.

It is also claiming $10 million for the ‘theft’ of money that its very own officials offered as bribes to its executive committee people to vote for South Africa as 2010 World Cup host.

Beyond that, it desires compensation for the fee of legal bills due to investigations into its corruption by US and Swiss authorities.

$10 Million Bribe

‘The convicted defendants abused the positions of trust they held at FIFA and other football that is international and caused severe and lasting injury to FIFA,’ Infantino stated Wednesday.

‘The monies they pocketed belonged to global football and were meant for the development and promotion of the game. FIFA as the globe regulating body of soccer wants that money back and we are determined to have it no matter just how long it takes.’

The funds seized by US authorities came mainly from representatives of North American and Southern United states soccer leagues, CONCACAF and CONMEBOL, correspondingly, from who the organization that is swiss-based now attempting to distance itself.

Former CONCACAF president Jack Warner and general secretary Chuck Blazer stand accused of receiving a ten dollars million bribe from South Africa for votes in 2010.

Blatter Paid $3.72 Million a Year

Meanwhile, it emerged this week that ex-FIFA president Sepp Blatter was paid $3.72 million per year to preside over a company that has been described as ‘institutionally corrupt.’

Blatter, 80, ended up being forced to resign into the wake of the corruption scandal and had been prohibited from soccer for six years for untoward re payments made to the previous head of UEFA, Michel Platini.

Blatter is appealing in the Court of Arbitration for Sport, at taxpayers’ expense, while FIFA continues to pay for their chauffeur and a flat he makes use of in Zurich.

On Thursday, it emerged that criminal procedures have been launched against former FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke for ‘various acts of criminal mismanagement,’ likely associated with fraudulent sales of World Cup seats.

The Frenchman that is 55-year-old has been sacked by FIFA and prohibited from soccer for 12 years.

Amazon Gift Cards Used to Launder Money to Offshore Gambling Site, Homeland Security Pushing for Seizure Warrant

Amazon gift cards make great gifts due to the myriad of products the Amazon site offers, but one destination that is unintended’re also getting used for is to invest in an illegal online gambling web site.

Many Amazon present cards went towards funding online gambling activities illegally at 5Dimes, an overseas Costa Rican gaming site. The Department of Homeland Security is now wanting to get yourself a seizure warrant for 15 among these records. (Image: amazon.com)

According to a filing by the United States Department of Homeland safety in the Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania, 5Dimes, A costa rican on the web gambling platform, has been urging customers based in the usa to fund their gaming via their Amazon gift cards.

Re/Code’s Jason Del Rey, a continuing business journalist for the technology internet site, had been first to report the headlines.

‘5Dimes has developed an alternative to the traditional online financial repayment methods, which can be unavailable to 5Dimes under federal law, so as to use its illegal betting procedure in america,’ the legal filing reads.

The Department of Homeland Security alleges that customers were expected buying Amazon gift cards with cash at land-based merchants, then snap a photo of the card number and email the image to 5Dimes. The funds would then appear in the player’s online 5Dimes account that is gambling.

‘ This alternative that is illegal on the utilization of Amazon gift cards, in violation of Amazon’s terms of service,’ the legal document asserts.

Not Precisely Ebony Friday

5Dimes is a relatively minor offshore gambling internet site in the grand range of the industry that is worldwide. Homeland Security investigators are apparently following a total of 15 Amazon accounts that are thought to be connected with the 5Dimes enterprise.

The funds into the rogue that is suspected total significantly less than $159,000, or just $10,600 per event.

That pales in comparison to the events of April 15, 2011, when the Department of Justice seized the PokerStars and Full Tilt platforms where many millions of dollars were at stake.

It’s not surprising that the US government would take action against 5Dimes, nevertheless, as money laundering is an offense that is federal. Homeland Security officials say the 15 reports formerly held upwards of $2 million.